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Week {1-7} of {52}

December 1, 2010

Week one was all about a free for all. This is just an introduction to my photography, and how I do things. FYI: The last two pictures are of my uncle and aunts cat Copper. He is like a dog, and he is so fluffy.

Week {2} This week was all about introducing yourself to your public. For this I went to Grand Rapids and let my boyfriend have a crack with my camera. He didn’t do a bad job, for someone that is an amateur.


Week {3} This week was all about showing everyone my hometown. Well my hometown is nothing special. All there really is, are train tracks, abandon buildings, and lots of traffic lights. And in the wintertime, it gets even worse, then there is truly nothing to do, but to sit and watch movies and to take pictures. Then again I can’t really say that because there is always outdoor activities, which I do a lot of.


Typical sunset in Muskegon in the fall, it is very beautiful. This is why it’s my second favorite time of year. 😀 Also SOOC! Except for the text.

This is a billboard in the abandoned warehouse district in Muskegon. It was a really foggy night and I was driving back from college. Notice the single light in the background on in the building. Amazing 😀

And like I said, lots of traffic lights. I was driving home, this was the same night as the sunset pictures above. I could show you more pictures of my hometown but that would a whole other blog.

Week {4} This week is about water. For this I look a picture of my uncle and aunt’s frozen bird bath. It was pretty sweet.

Week {5} This week is of sports.

Week {6} This week is for botanical. I look a picture of a iron lattes work. Where everything was just dying in their yard, but I still found the beauty in it.


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