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::Sarah {Senior 2011}::

October 12, 2010

Spending the day with Sarah was nothing like I have experienced before. I have never been with anyone who was so adventurous, that they would go in an abandon building or climb in a rusty box (just because it looked cool). She is the type of person that I could ask to go pose there, and she would do it no questions asked. This is the type of person in which I love to work with, one that will let their own creativity shine right through. She also wore my favorite animal: an Owl.

There was also something that she showed me. She showed/taught me to open up to new ideas. I know this may sound weird coming from a photographer, but I’m sometimes very strict with my photography. (I have since learned to let loose a little bit more.)

Sarah, thank you for letting me be apart of your senior year, no matter how small it was. I’m so glad that I had the honor of taking your senior pictures. You are truly an amazing person.


I never knew that tires could be such a good backdrop 🙂

I love this photo also. We are not always serious when we are working.

I love everything about this picture. It is diffidently one of my favorites from this session. Just look at it, her eyes are just so amazingly green and drop dead gorgeous.

That is what her eyes looked like that day. I can promise you I didn’t mess with them in Photoshop.

Really Sarah, you are beautiful and the camera loves you.

Then we ended our adventure at the beach. It was a beautiful sunset that evening. Just a perfect backdrop for these important pictures.

You wanted one by a waterfall, and that’s what it is. Thank you for adventuring out into the water for this photo. This is also my all time favorite from this shoot.

Candid {Journalistic}

Studio part of our three part adventure that is photography. I have studio equipment now, which I’m so happy about. 😀

Perfect, very Vogue original
















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