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October 5, 2010

Here are some FAQ’s, these should answer all you need to know about me and my business.

{1} Can we have the session take place other than the locations you choose?

Yes! By all means please. I would love that we go to places that you choose. If you have a favorite place that you loved as a kid, we can revisit that place. Bottom line, I love to travel to new locations all the time. So if you have a few sweet ones in mind, tell me, and then we will go to them.

{2} What if none of your packages are what I want?

That’s ok! All packages are customizable. I’ve very flexible.

{3} When is payment for my session due?

Payment for your session is due at the time of the session. No exceptions, unless we have previously talked about it.

{4} How far will you travel?

Since I’m a poor college student, trying to make a living. This question I would say, 30 miles from home base (where we started out shooting). Traveling farther may result in additional charges.

{5} What types of payments to you take?

At the moment only cash and personal check

{6} Who do I make it out to?

“Dana Martin” please put in the memo line the name of your session.

{7} Can I say where we went?

No, I like to keep my locations private and unique. If everyone found out about it, then your pictures may match your friends pictures. This business is ruthless, and I would like to stay on the up turn of it.

{8} How long does it take to get my disc?

3-5 weeks. This gives me time to make sure your photos are up to my standards. If you need them before hand, like for a yearbook photo. I will then schedule a meeting with you and we will talk about it.

{9} Do I need to bring anything along with me?

Let me break it down like this…

*Child Session-Props, a sack lunch to keep them happy, their favorite toy. Anything else that makes them happy.

*Senior Session-Full makeup bag (for touch ups), water to keep you hydrated, hair brush (for those annoying flyaways.)

{10} Where is the best place to get my photos developed? What places are up to your standards, and will give me excellent color?

The best places, are places that deal in photography. Like Radium Photography, and The Camera Shop. These two places will give you the best color.

{11} What do I get for my money?

You get all of this…

*36 plus photos on a DVD

* Receipt (for your records)

*Terms and conditions

*Thank You card

*One Magnet

*Four of my business cards to pass out to your friends.

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