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The World…As I see it.

September 22, 2010

Some photos that I went to the extreme to retouch. I thought that it looked cool with all the colors, and everything. Enjoy.  



The ones above are of my beloved Traverse City Commons (TCSH)

On a side note, this photos were edited when I knew little to nothing about Photoshop. I have imporved a lot.

As you can see I’ve only improved since a few years ago. All of these photos were from 2008/9.  All of these I love to death, I want to have the “Dead End” and “Root Beer” ones put into black and white, framed, and hung in my house.


The photos below are something that I’m very proud of, even though I could have did a lot better photoshop job. Anyway, these photos  were taken for a project that I had to do for my film photography class. I took double of them, one on film and the other digital. The ones that I took with my film camera didn’t turn out, because I wasn’t using “push processing.” I’m glad that these ones did turn out.

This one is my favorite. I love how I got the middle ground and the back and foregrounds are blurred out.

Has to be my second favorite. You will never guess how many I had to take, before it wasn’t blurry.

There was no editing done to this one. This is RAW and straight out of the camera. Would you believe that this wasn’t taken with my DSLR camrea? It was taken with my little green Nikon. It turned out wonderfully.

Muskegon Harbor

The sunset photos are all unedited. Maybe later I will edit them, and show a before and after to you guys.

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